Manufacturer Of Acchar-India/UAE

Manufacturer of achaar

Lemon sweet  achaar
Dry fruit achaar
Mixed spicy lemon achaar
Vegetable achaar
Lasan achaar
Mirchi achaar

Manufacturer of Mukwaas
Suwawr nu gutko
Sweet mukwaas
Home made Nagar mohta
Shitabhi pan
Reasonable rates and finely packed.

Plastic bag Achar
150rs/15dhs/1.5ro/ 1.250filskd

Bottle Achar
50rs/30dhs/3 riyal/ 2.250filskd

40rs - 400rs/5 -50dhs

Nagar mohta : 50 - 550rs/ 10 - 50dhs

Shitabhi pan: 60rs 9pcs/ 10dhs 9pc

All over india and dubai/ muscat and Kuwait. Contact

Jumana bhen : +917506035137 (india)

Reseller for ridas +971567173352 (dubai)

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